Valley Women Tried to Sell 14-Year-Old Girl for Sex, Made Her Sleep in Closet, Cops Say


Two Phoenix women invited a 14-year-old runaway to stay in their apartment, then tried to force the girl into prostitution, police say.

After she was rescued on Sunday, the girl told police that the women had made her sleep in a closet.

Savoya Mansfield, 18, and Mattique Johnson, 19, both arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and child prostitution, were unsuccessful in their attempts to market the girl for sex, court records show.

Two "johns" who responded to an escort ad featuring nude pictures of the girl declined to have sex with her because she looked so young.

The teen ran away from home on May 1 and went to an apartment party in the 1700 block of West Missouri Avenue, where the older teens lived.

They told the girl she could stay with them, but "she needed to earn money," police wrote in court records.

That Tuesday, on May 4, the women gave the girl a black dress "that had holes in it" to put on for an impromptu photo shoot. They took shots of the girl with her genitals and breasts exposed, then posted them with an escort ad on www.backpage.com, records state.

A man showed up in response to the ad later that day but got spooked and wouldn't go in the apartment.

On Thursday, a middle-aged man who saw the ad came to the apartment and went into the bedroom with the girl. But, the girl later told police, he left because he felt she was too young. Still, he gave the older women $50.

Another guy responded to the ad on Saturday. He gave her $75 and also left the apartment without having sex, remarking that the girl "looked like his daughter," records state.

The girl's mom and sister, meanwhile, had been looking for the girl and learned that people had seen her at the apartment. The victim's sister and her boyfriend confronted Johnson and Mansfield, who told the girl to hide in the closet under some dirty laundry. Not long after, someone called police.

The girl told police she was frightened to leave the apartment because she felt threatened by the older teens, who reportedly told her they'd "find her and her family" if she fled.

Mansfield and Johnson are each being held on a $108,000 bond at the Maricopa County Jail.

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