Vernon Parker "Considering" Running for John Shadegg's Congressional Seat

Political rookie and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker is putting his gubernatorial ambitions on hold for a few days to mull over a possible run for the District 3 Congressional seat.

The seat is currently held by Congressman John Shadegg, who announced last week that he won't be seeking re-election.

Parker, who has been dead-set on unseating Governor Jan Brewer as the Republican candidate for governor, claims he has been "flooded by calls from friends and supporters" who want him to run for Congress.     

"I am going to spend the next couple of days listening and considering. Our country is in a state of confusion," Parker says in a press release. "We need the politicians in Washington to stop printing money on bailouts for banks and create policies to help generate jobs for hard-working Americans. We need to bring fiscal conservatism, limited government, and common sense back to America."

Interesting. Just last week, Parker said on his Twitter page -- on more than one occasion -- that "D.C. can't create jobs," while feverishly tweeting during Governor Jan Brewer's state of the state address. Check it out here.

He seemed to be implying that job creation is the responsibility of state and local governments -- not the feds.

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