Vernon Parker Tattles on Kyrsten Sinema to ASU President for "Party School" Reference

Republican Congressional candidate Vernon Parker claims he actually sent a letter to Arizona State University President Michael Crow to tattle on his opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, for calling ASU a "party school."

Parker also tells Crow that Sinema must think the students are "stupid" in the most unintentionally hilarious piece of campaign fodder you'll see today.

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"My campaign has discovered a recording you need to see. In this appalling video, my opponent Kyrsten Sinema, is on record mocking students at ASU," the letter says. "She refers to your university as 'a party school' and suggests that your students are so stupid that they don't realize 'Wikipedia is not an appropriate citation source because they believe if they read it on the internet it must be true.'"

Well, we'll have to go with "no shit" on both accounts there.

ASU was generally recognized as a "party school" for quite some time, beginning with Playboy magazine's inaugural rankings, in 1987. Thousands of students run around in their underwear only at dead-serious institutions of higher learning, right?

Crow's often denied that ASU was ever a party school, although take note that neither Crow nor Parker were ever students at the school. Heck, the Mayor of Tempe went to ASU, and he sure seemed to know how to party.

As for Wikipedia, if you're citing it as a source in grad school, you're probably a little stupid, even though Sinema didn't say that.

So, how upset can Parker actually be about this?

"If Ms. Sinema has the audacity to mock students at such a prestigious university as yours, what else is she capable of?" Parker's letter continues. "If that's how she feels about ASU students, what does she secretly think about voters? Should she really be the person to represent ASU's interests in DC?"

Do you think anyone's actually buying a word of this? To quote our colleague Stephen Lemons, "Only if you're some square doofus like Vernon Parker."

You can find Parker's tattle-tale here, and we're sure Crow will phone him up ASAP to discuss this serious issue.

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