Vernon Parker Tweets 34 Times During Jan Brewer's 38-Minute State of the State Address

Political rookie and Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker criticized Governor Jan Brewer's State of the State address live yesterday, 140 characters at a time -- and he did it 34 times in about 38 minutes.

Frankly, we don't know how he found time to listen to the speech and tweet so feverishly at the same time. Maybe it's because his "critique" was just a collection of general statements that had little to do with what the governor actually said and more to do with promoting his own campaign.

Parker, looking to unseat Brewer at the top of Arizona's Republican ticket, hyped his tweet-fest by saying, "But don't be surprised if you see a legislator or two looking at their blackberry during her speech and smiling or nodding."

We looked -- we didn't even see a smirk. Maybe that's because despite how inept Arizona's legislators may be, at least they had the courtesy to listen to the speech -- or at least appear to be listening to the speech -- rather than play around on their BlackBerries.


Parker took just about everything the governor said yesterday and added his own negative twist -- not to say things in the Grand Canyon State are going, um, well, but the tweets seemed like a hodge-podge of mean-spirited jabs at a governor who is trying to do something right but probably will reassume her role as a private citizen after this year's election.

For example, Brewer discussed creating jobs through solar energy. Parker tweeted about how that's simply not enough.

No shit, but we have a feeling Jan probably knows that. However, she is in the unfortunate position of actually being governor and can't get away with empty promises like Parker's generic suggestion that "We need solar and many more industries to come to Arizona."

You can check out Brewer's speech and Parker's tweet-fest by clicking here and here

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