Vernon Parker's Fund-Raising Party Guest List Included TheDirty's Nik Richie

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Vernon Parker's mouthpiece Jason Rose and other conservative politicos have been squawking much about the Ben Quayle connection to Nik Richie's scandalously sexy website thedirty.com.

It's been part of the mudslinging campaign featuring Parker and Quayle -- two of the candidates vying for a seat in Arizona's 3rd Congressional District.

Ok, so if Quayle is so obscene for putting up a couple of fake posts on the Scottsdale website, what does that make Parker for hanging out with Richie and taking his "dirty" money?

Get this: Richie was on the guest list for a fund-raising party hosted by Rose at his Paradise Valley palace on January 25 to benefit Parker's Congressional run, according to a January 21 article by Arizona Republic reporter Megan Finnerty.

Uh oh. Looks like the mud Parker's peeps have been slinging is ricocheting off Quayle and splattering on their own faces.

Wonder how much Richie contributed to Parker's campaign? At least the $5 to get in?

If that isn't explosive enough (and we're sure it will be in the same conservative circles), this little Parker soirée also proves that Rose is lying about not having any recent connection with Melissa Rein, his former employee and current rep for thedirty.com.

New Times first raised questions about Rose being behind the random revelation of Quayle's ties to thedirty.com. But Rose denied it.

Rose and Rein, in separate interviews, later told the Arizona Guardian that they had not spoken to each other since they parted ways "in the summer of 2009."

"Your One World Order view of the world is far from reality," Rose told the Guardian.

But it seems that Rose himself is the one who is seriously detached from reality.

His claims that he hasn't been in contact with Rein are busted by Rein's prolific tweeting, which includes this post on April Fool's Day:

"If there's one thing I know about @jasonrosepr it's that he loves a good joke. And bad jokes.     Thursday, April 01, 2010 3:50:36 PM  via web"

And ... Rein was not only tweeting in January to promote Parker's fundraiser at Rose's house, she was at the party.

Imagine that. A party with Richie, Parker, Rose and Rein in the house. Maybe that's when they orchestrated their little plot to shame Quayle?

Here's a snippet from Finnerty's article, which shows that Rein was still working for Rose at least as late as January, and they clearly didn't part ways in the "summer of 2009"

"The party has been promoted for weeks via Twitter and on the gossip blog page602.com, run by Melissa Rein, who does contract work for Rose and runs her own PR company," Finnerty wrote.

Check out some more tweets from Rein, the self-proclaimed "professional pimp" about Parker's political fundraiser:

And this one: PV Mayor Vernon Parker is hosting a $5, scenester-packed football house party for his congressional campaign: http://bit.ly/8eYz1o Tuesday, January 19, 2010 3:47:48 PM via Seesmic Retweeted by melissarein and 1 other

And here are a couple of Rose's tweets: (Note that on January 21, Rein still has an e-mail account at roseandallyn, Rose's house of spin.)

Geez, why do figure Rose is fibbing so much about his connection to Rein and the bomb Richie dropped about Quayle? Trying to distance himself from this dirty mess to keep his client happy?   

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.