Vernon Parker's Going to Try This One Again: Announces Run for Congress in CD9

Paradise Valley Councilman Vernon Parker is making it official today that he's entering the race for Arizona's newly formed Ninth Congressional District.

Since Congressmen Ben Quayle and David Schweikert seem intent on running against each other in the primary for CD6, the primary in CD9's pretty much wide open for any Republican to land on the ticket.

After Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley decided to end his run for the seat after about two weeks, Parker joins a GOP field that includes Wendy Rogers, Travis Grantham, and Martin Sepulveda.

The Democratic roster in the race includes David Schapira, Andrei Cherny, and Kyrsten Sinema.

Parker's tried this whole run-for-Congress thing before -- he came in fourth among Republican hopefuls in the 2010 primary for the state's Third Congressional District, behind now-Congressman Ben Quayle, Steve Moak, and Jim Waring.

Parker was actually going to go for a primary against Governor Jan Brewer in the last gubernatorial race, but that -- like the race for Congress -- didn't end up in his favor.

His campaign wasn't exactly perfect in 2010.

Parker put out a press release pointing to an Arizona Capitol Times article that summer, suggesting Quayle had "rented" some little girls for a photo shoot. Quayle, as you may remember, "rented" his own nieces for a photo-op.

Parker was also offended by Quayle calling him "the national poster boy for the Democratic Party" when it comes to unethical politicians." He claimed "poster boy" was racist, which was backed up by his PR-man, Jason Rose.

Of course, there was also the drama over Quayle's connection to "The Dirty," a controversy which Rose denied a connection to, although he, a woman who did work for him and The Dirty, and The Dirty himself Nik Richie were all on the guest list for one of Parker's fundraisers at Rose's house.

New Times-turned-Village Voice scribe James King described Parker's campaign pretty succinctly in 2010, highlighting "Parker's proclivity for campaigning on petty bullshit."

Still, given the current Republican field, it looks like Parker's got a pretty got chance at getting that nomination, even if Scottsdale Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky decides to run for America's hottest Congresswoman the seat.

Although it was rumored that Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman could also enter the race, as he's listed as Parker's campaign co-chair.

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