Victoria Jackson's No Fan of New Times Article About Her Transformation From Comedian to Activist

Remember Victoria Jackson? She's a former Saturday Night Live cast member (she was the show's token ditz in the mid-1980s).

She also happens to be the focus of this week's New Times cover story because of her new career as a far-right-wing, Bible-thumping political pundit.

Read the story, written by Gus Garcia-Roberts, a scribe for our sister paper Miami New Times, here.

Jackson's taken issue with much of the story because we're part of  "the liberal media and it's predictable slant."

"I was still surprised to read an outright blatant lie and several other omissions and half truths. It still hurt," she wrote in a letter to Garcia-Roberts and posted on the website she currently works for, Patriot Update. "I expected Gus, who spent over 9 hours with me and my family, to exaggerate the fat/mental/religion stuff to make us out to be lunatics, but oh what a great job he did beginning with the article's title ..."rabid right"!"

Of the multiple inaccuracies alleged by Jackson, only one was worthy of any sort of correction: Jackson imitated Tina Turner, not Diana Ross, on the Tonight Show.

See Jackson's note -- and Garcia-Roberts' response -- here.

See Jackson's transformation from comedian to political activist in the video embedded below.

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