Video: Glendale Firefighters' Profanity-Laced Threats in Driveway Altercation

Glendale firefighters cussed and made threats during an altercation in the driveway of a home on Sunday, as captured by a neighbor's video camera.

"You motherfucker. You're fucking dead meat, bitch!" a firefighter yells at a patient in a gurney, as can be seen in the video uploaded to YouTube on Monday. "I'm going to take you for everything you have...You piece of shit."

Not exactly the Glendale Fire Department's finest hour.

See update at bottom of post.

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Like many amateur "news" videos, filming began after the action started. There's no footage of what preceded the altercation.

A couple of news outlets interviewed the parents of the guy in the gurney, James Murillo. Apparently, he's a 30-year-old, mentally ill patient who freaked out after taking too much psychiatric medicine. The man's father, Raul Murillo, told the yourwestvalley.com that his son accidentally hit a firefighter in the face.

That's also the allegation of one or more firefighters at the scene. Except they put it like this:

"He hit my captain right in the face."

"Right in the fucking face," someone else says.

"We don't tolerate any of that."

That comes later in the video we've re-posted here, though, right at the two-minute mark. The firefighters are cussing up a storm from the beginning. The "dead meat" remarks begin at about 27 seconds. Right after that, two firefighters yell at the neighbor to "turn the phone off!" They're worried about the patient's privacy rights being violated, right?

The neighbor tells the firefighters he has a legal right to film them -- and continues doing so.

Good for him. When any government official says to turn off the camera, that's a clear sign the camera should be on.

About 1:00, one emotional firefighter, possibly the one who got hit, yells and points to the man's elderly parents standing several feet away, telling them they're "going to jail," too.

Glendale Fire Department spokesman Michael Young released the following statement about the incident:

"The Glendale Fire Department and Glendale Police Department are conducting separate investigations involving an alleged aggravated assault incident between firefighters and a patient during an emergency response call. On Sunday, October 26, Glendale Firefighters and Paramedics responded to a call involving a man with seizure-like symptoms. While attempting to administer medical attention to the patient, he apparently became combative. An internal investigation is being conducted by the Glendale Fire Department. The Glendale Police Department concluded an initial investigation and recommended charges against the patient, which were submitted to the County Attorney's Office for review. Further comment will be provided when those investigations are complete."

UPDATE 4 p.m.: Below, the mugshot for James Murillo, who was booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated assault following his altercation with firefighters.

UPDATE October 31: Four Glendale firefighters have been put on administrative leave as their department investigates the incident. Mark Burdick, Glendale Fire Chief, told reporters, "That language was offensive by any standard, I understand it, I know this because I was offended by it myself."

Glendale police have reportedly submitted charges against Murillo's father, who also allegedly struck a firefighter.

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