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Video of Joe Arpaio's 200 Mexican March, Footage of a Redneck Riot, and KPHO's Piece on the Posse's Big Lie

A video of Joe's medieval Mexican march from the organization Puente.

Two timely videos have made their way to me. The first is from Sal Reza's organization Puente, and documents Joe Arpaio's racist 200 Mexican March last week segregating undocumented and mostly Mexican inmates from Tent City's general population.

You may want to note the word "UNSENTENCED" emblazoned on the front of the prisoners' striped shirts, a reminder that around 70% of those in Joe's gulags are awaiting trial. Those inmates who have been convicted wear striped shirts that read "SHERIFF'S INMATE" on the back, with the front free of wording. You can see how sentenced inmates dress in pics on Joe's reelection Web site, here, and in the YouTube video, here.

After I pointed out the "UNSENTENCED" thing in my post on the march last week, other reporters have questioned the MCSO about the discrepancy, since Joe insists all of these men have been convicted of crimes. (The MCSO refuses to answer simple queries from New Times reporters, and we only make it into the press conferences we can sneak into. So I didn't get to ask the question myself.) The MCSO's response? It was all a laundry mix-up. Um, sure it was, Joe.

Gilman's latest on the recent redneck riot at Macehualli.

The second video is from pro-immigrant activist Dennis Gilman, and documents the redneck riot at the Macehualli's recent 6th anniversary celebration. It should be pretty clear to anyone watching who the instigators are here, as Gilman genially confronts nativists like Buffalo Rick and others.

One do-ragged idiot kept begging Gilman to throw a punch. Hey, if you really wanted to kick Gilman's ass, punk, why didn't you throw the first punch? If you're such a badass, a day in jail wouldn't faze you. (Who wants to bet he's not a neophyte in that regard?) The point is, Gilman was woefully outnumbered and surrounded.Yet he held his ground, and with a smile on his face the entire time. The victor in that conflict? Gilman.

Finally, I don't have an embed for it, but you should all check out KPHO Channel 5's coverage of Sal Reza's now famous video of those two children crying after being torn from their mom in Joe's last anti-immigrant sweep. Reporter Morgan Loew does an excellent job of establishing that the old posse fart ordering Reza to stop filming was just making up a law as he went along, and Reza's rights were violated when he was instructed not to film. Loew even got top posse-man Lt. Charles Siemans to admit as much on camera! Score one for Channel 5, and for the First Amendment.

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