VIDEO: Pretty Awesome After-School Fight, Compliments of "Adam" and "Leo" From Coronado High School

Just about every high school kid in America looks forward to the day when petty differences between two students culminate into a good ol' fashion after-school brawl (except for the standard, buzz kill lone girl standing nearby screaming "oh my god, oh my god, stop it," of course).

Thanks to Youtube, and the stupidity of high school kids, videos of such brawls often end up on the Internet.

What these kids fail to realize when they post their videos on the Internet is that what they're doing is illegal -- it's called assault, brothah -- and cops have access to Youtube just like everybody else.

"Adam" and "Leo" from Coronado High School in Scottsdale may want to take this into consideration next time they duke it out for all the world to see.

Check out some video of their Rumble in the suburban Jungle after the jump.

We're not sure which one's "Adam" and which is "Leo," but it seems like a pretty evenly matched fight -- complete with a suplex that would make Mr. Perfect proud. But it's still illegal, and videos like this have often been the downfall of other school-age scrappers -- like the case of a group of Florida girls who recorded themselves poundin' on another girl and posted it on Youtube.

The Youtube posting led to the girls' arrest for charges ranging from battery to kidnapping. Check it out here.

We didn't want to narc the two backyard brawlers out with some obligatory call to the police asking "gee, shucks, is fighting illegal?" But if "Leo" and "Adam" find the Scottsdale PD is knockin' on their doors sometime in the near future, they'll know why: it's posted on Youtube, dummies.

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