Videos: Mass Murderer Narrates as Ex-Wife Interviewed by Dr. Steven Pitt

Videos: Mass Murderer Narrates as Ex-Wife Interviewed by Dr. Steven Pitt

The accused mass murderer believed to have killed six people in Arizona fumes over an interview of his ex-wife by renowned forensic psychiatrist Steven Pitt in videos obtained by Phoenix New Times.

Dwight Lamon Jones, 56, targeted several people associated with his long-running, bitter divorce case, police said on Monday following a standoff that left Jones dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Watch the first video here.

Jones killed Pitt, two paralegals in Scottsdale, and Scottsdale life coach Marshall Levine.  They were directly or indirectly related to people involved in his divorce. Police believe he also killed a man and woman in Fountain Hills.

Jones put as many as 18 videos on his own YouTube site, which has since been disabled. New Times received for of the videos from a source who didn't want to be named. It's unknown when Jones uploaded the videos, but they seem several years old. However, the date of one comment he put on YouTube is from as recently as May 25.

In the videos, Jones narrates as he watches, pausing the interview video frequently as he comments.

Watch the second video here.

Jones notes that his ex-wife, Dr. Connie Jones, paid $25,000 to $35,000 to have the risk assessment interview with Dr. Pitt, who can be seen interviewing Dr. Jones. (Dwight Jones' claim on the amount of the payment could not be verified; neither could Jones' other claims.) Dwight Jones says in his narration that his ex-wife had the assessment done "because she says I'm a threat to her and my child."

He also said she had him committed a psychiatric hospital following an argument.

Watch the third video here.

Pitt, known for his work in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, explains to Connie Jones in one video that he's been contracted by lawyer Elizabeth Feldman, who Connie Jones retained to help her in the divorce case, which began in 2009. On Friday, Dwight Jones shot two paralegals in cold blood at Feldman's office; both died.

Connie Jones explains to Pitt in another video that Dwight Jones kept a machete in their garage. He adds that "she told people that I threatened to shoot her with a gun," but that a gun wasn't found.

Watch the final video here.

(UPDATE June 7: Since publication, a new sentence was added to make clear that Jones' claims in the videos aren't verified.)

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