Violence Breaks Out After Lil' Wayne Concert in Phoenix; Who Woulda Thought?

Rapper Lil Wayne brought more than beats and bling to the Valley when he performed here last week; police say the hip-hop hood also brought along a little drama.

After a concert at the Cricket Wireless Pavilion last Wednesday, police say Lil Wayne and his "posse" got in an altercation at an apartment complex near the venue, where at least one gunshot was fired.

According to police, several women were seen getting on and off one of the rapper's four tour buses parked at a Phoenix apartment complex after the show.

This was when "the rap game" took over.

After seeing some of the women enter Weezy's bus, a group of people at the complex got violent, throwing rocks and bottles, and one person even fired a gun.

Police came shortly afterward to break up the melee, but could not determine who fired the shot.

Lil Wayne, arrested by border patrol agents in Yuma in January, 2008 for drug possession, and again in New York in 2007 on gun charges and yet again in Georgia for more drug charges, told police he was on a bus when the violence started, but left the scene almost immediately.

Given the man's criminal history, he is either lying or made the best decision of his life. Maybe he was just "crunked."

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James King
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