Violent Fugitive on the Loose in West Valley, Says DPS

Warning: Extreme badass on the loose.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety warns that Angel J. Valenzuela, 37, was on the run yesterday near 27th Avenue, between Bethany Home and Glendale Avenue, after vowing to shoot at any cop who tried to take him back to prison. The agency says  its troopers tried to pick the guy up at his apartment yesterday on multiple warrants, ramming Valenzuela's vehicle when he tried to escape.

The known gang member took off on foot with two of his home-boys, who were later caught. Troopers say Valenzuela was probably packing his weapon, a Mac-10 assault pistol. A search of the vehicle produced more guns, a magazine for the Mac-10 and a "Salt River correctional badge."

In apartments associated with the fugitive, troopers found an Ak-47, a 100-round drum and body armor. Valenzuela's allegedly a drug dealer, home-invasion specialist and all-purpose bad guy.

Note the triple exclamation point in the statement at the bottom of the news release:

Please do not attempt to contact the subject!!! Call silent witness or 911 immediately if you have any information regarding this subject.

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