Lisa Marie White
Lisa Marie White

"Voices" Tell Arizona Woman to Inject 2-Month-Old With Insulin to "Quiet Him Down"

Tucson police say 41-year-old Lisa Marie White admitted to injecting a 2-month-old baby with insulin, as well as the boy's 18-month-old sister, to "quiet them down."

On December 18, the 2-month-old was taken to Northern Cochise Community Hospital with symptoms of low blood sugar and breathing problems. After the boy was stabilized, he was airlifted to Tucson Medical Center, where doctors determined that he had an unusually high-level of insulin in his blood that could have only been injected.

Considering 2-month-olds aren't typically handy with a syringe, authorities paid a visit to the child's parents.


The parents live with several other adults in Cochise, including White, who when questioned by police,"made spontaneous utterances to the effect of 'it was an accident,' "  court documents say.

When pressed further, White told police that voices in her head told her to inject the baby with insulin to quiet him down.

White told police that she "knew it was wrong and tried to 'overpower' the voices in her head and was unsuccessful." She later said she injected the baby with 5 cc's of insulin.

Both children are expected to recover.

White , on the other hand, was booked into Cochise County Jail on a charge of attempted first-degree murder. She is being held on $1.5 million bail.


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