Wanna Be Governor? Recent Poll Says Just About Anyone Can Beat Brewer

If the election were held today, when given the option of Jan Brewer, or anyone else on the face of the earth as Arizona's next Governor, voters opted for the latter, according to a poll released Monday.

The local political consulting group that conducted the poll, The Summit Group, found that only 18 percent of Arizona voters would cast their vote for the execrated chief executive, in contrast to 46 percent, who say they would vote for just about anyone else.

The poll found that 36 percent were still undecided.

The survey was paid for by political hopeful Wil Cardon, the CEO of a well-known real estate company.

Cardon denies any interest in running for governor, but doesn't rule it out,
and well he shouldn't --- he does fall under the category of "anyone."

The strikingly low numbers aren't necessarily a political death sentence for Jan and the brew crew. Polling experts say that to stack the Governor up against "anyone," provides inaccurate data, because it literally means anyone.

Charles Manson falls under the category of "anyone," and it would be hard to fathom anyone losing a governorship to a convicted serial killer. But hey, if he can
get us a budget, it might be something to consider.

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James King
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