A Real War on Christmas: Watch Arsonists Light Homeowner's Wreath on Fire

I'm going to spare you all jokes at the intersection of Christmas and conflagration one could make with this. You're welcome.

On Sunday, Phoenix police say, two men approached the door of a house on Southern Avenue around 3:30 a.m. One of them doused the homeowner's decorative wreath with lighter fluid, before turning and walking away. The other pulled out a lighter and held it up to the red-and-gold display. Although it took a second to catch, soon the wreath was burning nicely.

As soon as it caught fire, the second man ran out of the view of the surveillance camera.

Police are seeking information on the suspects, and the investigator on the case is requesting that the victim not be contacted. The victim was asleep in the house at the time, according to the police.

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