Watch Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video of Phoenix's First Monsoon of 2016

It was more of a nonsoon than a monsoon.

It won't make anyone's Best Storms of 2016 list, but Phoenix saw its first rainfall of the summer monsoon season on Monday. One one-hundredth of an inch of rain fell at Sky Harbor Airport, according to the National Weather Service, while Gilbert and Scottsdale got two-tenths of an inch. A blowing dust advisory was in effect until 10 p.m., which is always fun, but winds wound up peaking at about 25 mph.

Still, the thunderstorms made quite a rumble across the Valley.

Storm chaser Bryan Snider tracked the storm and sent New Times a brief and beautiful time-lapse that displays the weather event against the urban skyline. The 30-year-old photographer has worked as a professional storm chaser since 2011, traveling up to 15,000 miles each summer pursuing the monsoons across the state.

"This is what I would call our season for storm chasers, at least in Arizona," Snider says. "It's an exciting time of year. This is kind of the event where you can have storms almost every day somewhere in Arizona."

Phoenix Lightning Time Lapse — June 27, 2016 by Bryan Snider Photography via Vimeo

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