Watchmen in Mesa? Unidentified Bicyclist a Hero in Attempted Abduction of Student

If only there could be these kind of Watchmen around for every criminal:

Mesa police say a bicyclist who saw a young girl being accosted Wednesday morning charged into the situation and shoved the suspected kidnapper to the ground.

Police say a 15-year-old girl on her way to Mesa Junior High School, 828 East Broadway Road, noticed a white pickup truck pull off the road in front of her. After she walked past the truck, a man "grabbed her from behind and began pulling her toward the truck," according to a police news release.

That's when our hero intervened. He jumped off his bike and ran to help the girl, pushing the suspect down and yelling at the girl to run away. The suspect then got in his white truck and drove east on Broadway.

While they're still looking for the suspect, (the girl gave the cops enough detail for this quality sketch), the cops would like to talk to the bicyclist in case he can give detectives more clues.

After preventing a potential abduction -- and who knows what the man had in store for her -- the good Samaritan apparently jumped back on his bicycle and resumed his secret identity. 

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