The Great One
The Great One

Wayne Gretzky Jersey Stolen by California Man; Suspect Arrested Actually Wearing Jersey

A California man faces felony theft charges after allegedly stealing a hockey jersey autographed by The Great One himself from a sports bar in North Dakota.

Authorities there say 33-year-old Mark Stevens got drunk and swiped an Edmonton Oilers jersey, autographed by hockey legend and failed Phoenix Coyotes Coach Wayne Gretzky, from a bar in Bismarck.

Stevens was drinking at The Stadium sports bar in Bismarck, North Dakota, when police say he took a glass case holding the jersey off of a wall at the bar.

Stevens, according to police, then took the case into the bathroom, broke the glass, and removed the jersey.

The jersey, police say, is worth about $1,200.

Stevens was found hours later in his hotel room near the bar doing something that probably makes saying "it wasn't me" a little tough -- he was wearing the jersey.

Stevens was arrested and charged with felony theft. His bond was set this morning at $2,500.


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