"We Care Clinic" Didn't Care Whether Its Patients Saw a Real Doctor, AG Says

Have you ever been treated at the "We Care Clinic" in Phoenix, at 3620 West Bethany Home Road?

If so, you may want to get a second opinion on, well --  everything.

The place had a real-life quack on staff, Olena Kulakova (right), who pretended to be a physician at the clinic and treated people for than a year, according to the state Attorney General's office.

She committed the ruse with a real doctor, 77-year-old Paul Balikian of Phoenix, who also worked at the clinic and signed off on Kulakova's charts, even though he knew she was a complete fraud, states an AG's office news release. Both people have been indicted on various charges. (See links below).

We called the clinic today to see if we could make an appointment with Kulakoka.

The receptionist told us that Kulakova was a doctor there, but she no longer worked at the clinic was now "in school."

We were told that we could come into the clinic on Wednesday and see Balikian (pictured at left), if we wished.

Which reminded us of an old George Carlin joke: "Somewhere, out there, is the world's worst doctor. And someone has an appointment to see him tomorrow."

Click  here  for the AG's news release, and here to read the indictment.

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