Weed Stench Leads Cops to Forest of Marijuana Inside Chandler Home

If you were to grow more than 300 weed plants inside your house, here's a bit of information that might come in handy next time you're in the Febreeze aisle at Walmart: it's gonna stink. A Chandler man's indoor weed forest smelled so bad, in fact, that cops could smell it from the street, which is ultimately how he was busted.

Chandler police Detective David Ramer tells New Times that about 8:30 p.m. Sunday, officers on routine patrol stopped a vehicle near 784 South Jesse Street in Chandler. The driver, who officers suspected was drunk, stopped the car and bailed from the vehicle to try and get away.

That idiot was caught, but his is only part of the story.

The other part of the story involves 25-year-old Sir Jorien Dwayne Marcette Jackson -- an unsuspecting alleged drug dealer whose day was abruptly ruined because some doofus decided to drive drunk and get pulled over in front of his house.

As the officers were dealing with the drunk driver outside of Jackson's house -- a confrontation that Ramer says took longer than your typical DUI stop -- at the aforementioned address, they noticed that something smelled like weed.

Ramer says the officers determined the weed smell wasn't marijuana being burned, but rather weed that was still in living plant form.

The officers poked around and spoke to neighbors, and were able to get a warrant to search Jackson's house, where they found the source of the smell.

Inside Jackson's house, the officers found 332 potted marijuana plants and other equipment to grow and cultivate weed.

The bust, Ramer says, is the largest marijuana grow operation seizure in Chandler made by routine patrol officers.

Jackson was booked for possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, producing marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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