Week Three of the Siege of Wells Fargo, and Dennis Gilman's Latest Video.

The anti-Arpaio protest at the Well Fargo building, that pricey pad Joe's upper echelon calls home, continues into its third week amid a virtual media blackout. Well, save for in this blog and in the current Bird column. Last week there was reportedly a similar demonstration at a Wells Fargo in Chicago, and this week, there's an action planned for Thursday at Wells Fargo HQ in San Francisco, according to the organizer of the protests, PUENTE frontman Sal Reza. Seems like other local media are ignoring the demonstrators, hoping they will give up on their effort to force Joe Arpaio and his flunkies from their posh digs in downtown Phoenix. But Reza and his camp aren't budging, as this new video from Dennis Gilman shows.

Dennis Gilman's latest, chronicling week two of the siege of Wells Fargo.

The opening features some Orwellian graphics using Arpaio's mug and the creepy, otherworldly sounds of DWAR.f. The remainder of the video craftily utilizes the stirring, multi-culti anthem City of Immigrants by singer/songwriter Steve Earle. There's also footage of Arpaio paying a visit to the protest last week and trying to shake Sal Reza's hand, as well as an eyewitness account from a guy who spent time in Joe's jails with some of the undocumented therein.

Dennis Gilman is fast becoming the Michael Moore of the local immigrant rights scene, minus the overly-expansive waistline. You can check out more of his videos at his YouTube channel, Humanleague002.

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