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Weekly World News: Obama Releasing Chupacabras Into Arizona Until State Repeals SB 1070; Hilarious

A day after the federal government announced that it will sue the state of Arizona over the state's controversial, new immigration law, Weekly World News announced the Obama administration's other, secret plan to get Arizona to repeal the law: Chupacabras.

Of course, chupacabras don't actually exist, and like everything in the Weekly World News, it's completely fake, but it's funny and worth a look.

Check out the article -- and one of the greatest Jan Brewer quotes of all time -- after the jump.

The satirical article, published yesterday, claims that Obama ordered Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to release the mythical beasts into Arizona in an effort to get the state to repeal the new statute.


If the law is not repealed by July 29, Salazar, according to WWN, will "be forced to release more Chupacabras into Arizona towns, cities, and Home Depot parking lots." 

Jan Brewer's faux-response can be seen below.

"Bring it on! We've dealt with aliens, monsters, and mutants in Arizona for the last fifty years - especially since Don Imus moved into the state. Arizonans don't scare easy. The feds can send in a Bigfoot Army if they want, we will take them on.  And we will win!" -Jan Brewer via-WWN.

Check out the whole article here. 

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