Weirdest Arizona Crime of the Week?

Some weeks just tend to bring out the criminal weirdness more than others, and this has been one of those weeks.

There's been a DPS officer accused of refusing to leave a women's restroom, a guy who was drunk-driving an electric cart at Walmart before swinging a knife at an employee, an alleged racist who chased day laborers with a bat, and a murder plot that grew to include the entire family as suspects.

Below, we'll list out some of the worst alleged crimes this week, and below that, vote for which one you think is the absolute worst.

Jeremiah Kuczynski, 19, started off his trip to a Walmart store in Mesa by driving the electric cart out of the store, then crashing into carts in the parking lot. A Walmart employee went out to the parking lot and asked that he please stop doing that, but Kuczynski hopped out of the electric cart and asked the employee if he wanted to get stabbed, according to police. He eventually swung a knife at that employee, according to the cops.

DPS officer Steven Svestka refused to leave the women's bathroom of a western bar in Florence, although it looks like Svestka wasn't being a pervert -- his wife was heaving into the toilet. However, sheriff's deputies had a hell of a time escorting Svestka and his Viking beard out of the bar, as he knocked over several bar patrons on his way out, and was disorderly in general, according to a report.

It's a little unusual for a 17-year-old girl to be a murder defendant, but it's even more unusual that her brother and mother are her co-defendants. Alysa Gibson was the third family member arrested for the murder of her father, Steven Gibson, even though the family's accused of hiring a teenage hitman to do the deed.

Gilbert resident Jamison Eaton shouted racial slurs at Hispanic day laborers outside a Phoenix Home Depot store as he chased them with a baseball bat, according to police. He was seen chasing them across McDowell Road during rush hour traffic, but eventually went back and sat in his truck in the parking lot, where police arrested him.

Cast your vote below:

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