Wes Gullett, Former John McCain Operative, to Run For Mayor of Phoenix

We heard a little rumor the other day that Wes Gullett, a deputy campaign manager for Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign and a long-time operative within Arizona's GOP, planned on running for mayor of Phoenix.

Today, Gullett confirmed the rumor -- sort of.

Gullett tells New Times he's strongly considering a run but hasn't filed the necessary paperwork with the City Clerk's Office yet.

"We need leadership in the community," Gullett says. "We're at a crossroads and I want to help get the economy going again. The city plays a big role in that."

Gullett, a Republican, says he would welcome Mayor Phil Gordon's -- as well as everyone's -- support for his campaign.

As well as helping to run McCain's presidential campaign, Gullett is a former aide to Governor Fife Symington and is amongst the who's-who of Arizona's Republican Party.

Gullett is a founding partner in the public relations firm Firststrategic, Communications and Public Affairs.

Gullett isn't the only one who's eying the mayor's office -- several members of the Phoenix City Council, including Claude Mattox and Peggy Neely, have started exploratory committees, and Councilman Michael Johnson has said he hasn't ruled out a run.  

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