Westboro Baptist Bozos to Protest Ryan Dunn's Funeral. Call 785-273-0325 to Tell Them They're the Jackasses

Jackass star Ryan Dunn is dead, but there's no shortage of Jackasses at the Westboro Baptist Church.

The Kansas-based clan of kooks -- known for its fear of fagalas -- announced this week that they plan to protest Dunn's funeral. The reason: he once stuck a toy car up his ass for a prank on the MTV reality show.

Pennsylvania, where Dunn died, is "one of the most evil states ever to exist," the group says, too.

Mind you, this is the same group that wanted to protest the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Green, who was tragically killed during the January 8 Tucson shooting rampage. This also is the same group that once told New Times that Gabrielle Giffords was an "arrogant pinhead" who deserved to get shot.

We'll spare you the rest of the group's ramblings on Dunn. Instead, we encourage readers to call the "church" and let them know what you think of their attention-seeking charade of protesting high-profile funerals in the name of "god."

The number is 785-273-0325 -- we've been trying to reach them all afternoon with no success, so if you call, feel free to email us at james.king@newtimes.com and tell us how it goes.

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