What Does it Mean? Phoenix Suns Lose and Win Against Terrible Teams

You know what it means that the Suns blew out the Sacramento Kings 129-81 at US Airways Center Monday night?

Nothing. The Kings are 11-39, officially the third-worst team in the NBA at 11-39 (the L.A. Clippers and the Washington Wizards are tied for worst at 10-38).

Running them out of the gym means zilch. What tells us much more about this year's Suns under Coach Terry Porter is the team's 122-111 Saturday night loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Former Suns player and executive Vinny Del Negro's team's nothing to marvel at, with a 21-27 record, and yet the Suns ultimately had no answer for them. With this win, the new Bulls coach swept his old team this season.

It wasn't that the 26-20 Suns had a bad game offensively against the team that Michael Jordon put on the map back in olden days. Leandro Barbosa had a season high 32 points, Grant Hill had 19, Shaquille O'Neal 18, and Steve Nash 15 and 10 assists.

Amid rumors that he could be on the trading block after the All-Star break, Amar'e Stoudemire had another mediocre game, as did would-be Suns saviour Jason Richardson, who was once the league's best three-point shooter but has (natch) fallen off the pace since he's arrived in the desert. They each had 12 points.


But the point is, 111 is enough. A good team would find a way to win at home with that kind of output from its players. Not the Suns.

The loss gave them their first losing month since 2004, and their only three-game home losing streak this season.

As usual, the Suns played lackluster defense. But the real problem was the number of second-chance points Phoenix gave up to Chicago. The Bulls had 14 to the Suns' 2. These came out of 10 offensive rebounds for the visitors.

The smallest guy on the court, Bulls guard Ben Gordon, led the way with 4 of those offensive boards. And he was the high scorer for his team, along with Derrick Rose. They each had 26 points.

As for last night's game against Sacarmento, the Suns did what a vastly more talented team's supposed to do -- humiliate a team that's been getting humiliated all season. Sure the  Purple Palace brigade won by 48 points at home, but so what?

Literally the whole Suns team scored in this rout. Practically the whole game was garbage time. Slackers Stoudemire, the starting power forward on the West's All-Star Team, and Richardson were the high scorers, with 25 and 24 points respectively.

 Enough said about this so-called game. 

Despite all the smiles on the Suns bench and the jubliation by Suns broadcasters ("This is just the medicine the Suns needed," one of the on-air mouths kept saying), the team's in a sorry place.

Certainly they have the talent to contend for a Western Conference title -- even against a great Lakers team (Kobe Bryant scored 61 points last night against Mike D'Antoni's New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden) -- but they's don't seem to have the will.

Next up: the 15-34 Golden State Warriors on the road Wednesday night (the two teams meet again Friday night here). Which Suns will we see, the team that blows out a bad team, or the team that let's a bad team take a dump on them?    

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Rick Barrs
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