What's the Dumbest Thing Joe Arpaio Said in Response to the Justice Department Lawsuit?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was sued by the Justice Department yesterday over racial-discrimination claims, and not surprisingly, Arpaio had a little more than two cents to give to everyone yesterday.

His responses ranged from the Justice Department having the wrong guy, wanting to play basketball with President Obama, and saying he could just get reelected on the basis of pink underwear.

Given his wide range of responses, we're letting you choose the dumbest for this morning's poll.

(All of the sources are linked in the letter before the statement.)

A) "I'll see 'em in court, and I love going to court."

B) "They caught the wrong sheriff on this matter."

C) "This thing is gonna go away."

D) "I wish [President Obama] would invite me to the White House. He invited the police sergeant from Cambridge, locking up a professor -- remember, he stuck his nose in that -- brought 'em to the White House to have some beer. I'd be glad to go over and have some wine, and tell him about my 14 years as a top law enforcement official in Mexico, in the border, and give him some advice. That's what I would talk to him about, but you know he's not gonna invite me to the White House...A wine summit. And play a little basketball. He likes basketball."

E) "I'm very happy that we are being sued."

F) "I can be re-elected on pink underwear."

Cast your vote below:

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