Where I'd like to be tonight: Guzzling dollar wells at Homme...

DJ Blonde Noize tearin' up the decks as I get wasted on GINORMOUS DOLLAR WELLS!

If you're wondering why the blog posts are kinda light right around now, that's because the Feathered Bastard is hard at work, tap-tapping out Best of Phoenix entries for the highly-anticipated issue of the same name which drops in September sometime. And you probably thought we had the Keibler elves up in this bitch workin' on 'em. Think again.

Anyhoo, I know where I'd like to be tonight if I get anywhere close to being finished: Upstairs at Homme lounge (138 W. Camelback RD., just west of Central Ave. in PHX) guzzling ginormous dollar wells and listening to DJs Squalor, BLONDE NOIZE, ///she///, Dr. F, Lady Ditch, and all the other DJs from Sadisco rock the house with industrial-type tracks during their new night, which they pithily refer to as "S* presents UNDER_SCORE," or "S_ " for short. Hey, did I mention those dollar wells, from 9pm till Midnight, and NO COVER. That means with $20 in your pocket, you can get just as plowed as Lindsey Lohan with a thousand times the scrilla and a bag of that powdery white substance that makes you stay up all night and not hungry.

Look, hot chicks like DJ ///she/// will be there, enjoying DOLLAR WELLS TILL MIDNIGHT!

Yes, Homme is a gay bar, but they do have mixed-preference nights, and this is one of them. I was there last Wednesday, and though some fella did hit on my hella-straight wingman, I spent the eve chatting up a two fine-ass squalies as we all got buzzed as hell on the DOLLAR WELLS!!!

Anyway, check it out, and if I don't make it tonight, drink three for me...

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