Where to Drink and Watch Saturday's Democratic Presidential Debate

If you were worried that the Democrats' second presidential debate would infringe on your fun weekend plans, we're here to help, because as everyone knows, politics and drinking games are a great combination.

Here are the details: The two-hour debate starts at 7 p.m. and will be co-hosted by CBS News, the Des Moines Register, and Twitter — that's right, you'll get a chance to live-tweet the questions you want the candidates to answer. (Use the hashtag #DemDebate.)

Moderators say they're aiming to get the candidates talking about issues beyond their policy stump speeches. You know, the real issues, like Hillary's e-mails and why Bernie Sanders doesn't smile more, and who the heck is Martin O'Malley, again?

So with three candidates left vying for the coveted party nomination, we found three places you can go to watch the festivities while imbibing:

1. DeSoto Market — Event Page
915 North Central Avenue

Two words: Bernie Central. DeSoto has become the de facto Phoenix headquarters of the #FeelTheBern campaign, and this Saturday night promises to be no exception. Show up early to get a seat, some dinner, and, of course, a cocktail. 

2. Nush — Event Page
560 South College Avenue, Tempe

According to the event's organizers, this venue is for you whether "you feel the Bern, are ready for Hillary, love O'Malley, or are still wishing for Warren." So bring your friends, and wash down wonkish policy talk with a hummus platter and pitcher of beer.

3. The Grind — Event Page
3961 East Camelback Road

Hosted by the Hillary Clinton-loving Arizona Women in Blue, this is the spot for ladies craving a hamburger and hefeweizen with their daily dose of the Hillz.


Sounds like a great Saturday night, right? So raise your glasses and make a toast to the three candidates left standing — or to kick off one of these great debate drinking games:

From TIME: "Raise your glass and lower your expectations." 
From International Business Journal: "Remember, don't debate and drive."
From Slate: "Get drunk on political discourse!"

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