Whites Racially Profiled, Asked for Their "Papers" To Be on Native American Land

In a hilarious spoof of Cops sure to redden the face of every cracker nativist in Sand Land and beyond, L.A.'s "Josh on the street" skewers Arizona's "papers please" law by flippin' the script on white folks and asking them for their documentation to be on what was originally Native American land.

Josh the cop sets up an immigration checkpoint at the Santa Monica promenade, allows anyone of color through, but halts the pale skins. After a few he "arrests" try to flee, he says, "It's really a gray line whether we can shoot them in the back while they're running away."

Heh. Good one. I also like this line on the damage whites do to the environment.

"As much as it's about laws," Josh the cop tells the camera, "it's also an ecological project as well. The air has been poisoned. The rivers have been poisoned. The ocean's been poisoned. The forests have been decimated. And this area's just overpopulated. These folks have run rampant over this land. It's time to thin out their numbers."

Later, he says, "More of them keep coming, they keep breeding. I doubt we'll get rid of all of them."

Ah, sweet justice...This is why I miss L.A.

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