Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Who Should Investigate the Employers Who Hire Undocumented Workers?

As the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office pulled off its 70th "employer sanctions operation" -- which MCSO now refers to as a "criminal employment operation -- we pointed out yet again that no employers were arrested, or sanctioned, in the operation.

It was revealed last week in a federal court filing that Sheriff Joe Arpaio admits that no employer has ever been arrested or tied to any violations as a result of these operations.

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After that 70th raid, Arpaio claimed that sanctioning employers is the job of the Obama administration, although he had publicly claimed that his own operations were supposed to target those who hire the undocumented workers.

"The federal government may want to look into expanding the guest worker program and streamlining the ability to get a visa," Arpaio says in a recent press release. "Also the Obama administration should focus their efforts in detecting and arresting the employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens."

Somehow, this line is also from that same press release: "In the meanwhile, Arpaio will continue to enforce state and federal immigration laws."

So, who do you think should investigate the employers who hire undocumented workers?

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