A Rotroscoped Alex Jones from his A Scanner Darkly cameo.

Whoops! Alex Jones also takes a powder on the 9/11 Chandler conference.

Totally forgot to mention this when I reported on Dylan Avery bowing out of the 9/11 Chandler conference, but talk radio conspiranut Alex Jones has also announced he won't be at the conference, according to the razor-sharp folks at ScrewLooseChange. Jones is another humongo name in 9/11 denial circles, known for being a pal of (former?) prostitute-addict Charlie Sheen, for his cameo appearance in the brilliant dystopian animated flick A Scanner Darkly, and for asserting that they all worship Satan at those Bohemian Grove secret society gatherings. Okay, maybe he didn't say Satan, but on his Infowars Web site, he does refer to Bohemian Grove as "the occult playground of the global elite," and he uses all of these pentagrams and shit to illustrate his documentaries on the subject, Dark Secrets and The Order of Death. Whenever someone starts raving about the Masons, the Illuminati and/or Bohemian Grove, you know they're off the deep end. Still Jones would certainly have been a draw for the Chandler clambake, which is probably why 911Accountability.org still has his name up as a "Confirmed Speaker," along with Dylan Avery and Alessandra Soler Meetze of the ACLU, who also have made it crystal clear that they will not be in the building. Talk about pitch and switch. How can "chief cook" of the conference Kent "Cow Killer" Knudson get away with this? Guess that's what you end up with when a convicted felon -- as Knudson is by his own admission -- is organizing something this big. What a joke! Can someone get AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard on the line?

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