The official coloring book in gangsta's paradise.

Why Darrell Ankarlo's an idiot, reason #137: The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

If you're KTAR's Darrell Ankarlo, the poor man's Sean Hannity, that means you've got to fill three-and-a-half hours each day with spleen, even if it means exaggerating the topic a bit. Case in point was a segment on today's show about San Fran publisher Last Gasp's Gangsta Rap Coloring Book, by Aye Jay. Seems Ankarlo or one of his underlings saw a small piece in the British tabloid The Sun, titled "OK kids, colour in a gangsta..." The piece features what looks like a staged shot of two youngins coloring in a drawing of 50 Cent, and quotes some biddies in Britain getting all bent out of shape because the book's offered at this trendy women's clothing store Topshop.

Thing is, the book's a novelty item intended for adults, with rappers like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Schooly D, and KRS One being featured. There's some violent imagery, for sure, dudes with guns and knives, but to assert that this book is meant for kiddies to color in is patently absurd. For all the time Ankarlo spent aghast at it this morning, you'd think they were introducing the book into public gradeschools here in the Zona. Christ, the thing's not even being sold in kids' toy stores. Yet Ankarlo had to get all into this bull about how he'd never allow his daughter to color in a book like this, even though he lets her play with his gun and take it apart while he's present. Then, because most people have never seen this book, folks call into the show after hearing Ankarlow-brow's mistaken take on it, and berate it.

All you have to do is look at the publisher's Web site or to see how incredibly retarded Dumbass Darrell's false interpretation is. Last Gasp's site states that, "The juxtaposition of the outlaw image of the rappers with the childlike innocence of a coloring book makes for an instant laugh." That let's you know right off it's a goof, something adults buy each other to amuse themselves. Or I suppose gangsta rap fans might get into it. The only way a kid is going to get it is if Ankarlow-brow buys it for them. Check this comment from reviewer "SillySally":

I bought my husband this coloring book for Christmas as a bit of a gag gift. It is sitting on our coffee table now and is a great conversation piece. We are entertained by the entire thing. If you want a funny gift to give just about anyone, except children, get it. Great humor.

You'd have to be a freakin' idgit to believe this book was intended for tots. But then, that's why they call the guy "Dumbass Darrell."

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