Wil Cardon Called for Jailing People Who Hired Undocumented Immigrants

Over the weekend, the Arizona Republic took a look at Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wil Cardon's record of being a "job creator," in which he's repeatedly claimed that he's created "hundreds of jobs."

Turns out, the Republic found Immigration and Customs Enforcement records stating that a bunch of the employees of Subway restaurants Cardon was involved with were alleged to be "undocumented alien workers."

According to what Cardon told ousted state Senate President Russell Pearce, people who hire "illegal aliens" ought to go to jail.

"...[W]ould you advocate for jail time and big fines for those who knowingly hire illegal aliens andtake jobs that deprive jobs for Americans?" Pearce asked Cardon on his radio show.

"I know I gave a lot of other answers to what the caller just called in about, but in short, yes, I think we ought to enforce the laws on the books," Cardon said. "We ought to not be playing games. That's why people want to come to this country, that's why we are such a great country, because we obey the rule of law."

Now, Cardon says he had nothing to do with hiring illegal immigrants -- it's just another one of those "liberal media" things from the Republic.

From Cardon's response:

The Republic attack takes great pains to paint Wil as the manager of RCC Partners, a company which paid a small fine to ICE in 2009. The facts? RCC is one of hundreds of investments Wil has made in a business career spanning two decades. Together with his family, he owns a piece of a company that, together with other companies, owns RCC. RCC owns Subway stores across the state. Wil doesn't run these stores. He doesn't do the hiring and firing. He doesn't examine the I-9s of line employees. And he has no involvement in the stores' daily operations. End of story - except to say that Wil's experience with RCC has driven home for him the need to secure our border and to expand the federal e-verify system, to give employers the resources they need to ensure they're not being defrauded by illegal immigrant job applicants.

One of the Subway franchises part-owned by Cardon was fined for regulations related to documentation.

Sadly -- at least, in Cardon's mind -- none of the higher-ups went to jail.

The clip from Cardon's appearance on Pearce's show can be found below:

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