Will Comprehensive Immigration Reform Lead to a Whole Lot of New Democrats?

As you can imagine, hardly any unauthorized Latino immigrants in this country are hip to the Republican Party's platform, according to polling research.

There's a common thought out there that providing a pathway to citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants, many of them Latino, will create many more Democratic voters than Republican voters.

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-Just 4 Percent of Unauthorized Latino Immigrants Say They're Republicans

Just 4 percent of unauthorized Latinos polled by the Pew Research Center last year say they "identify" with the Republican Party, compared to 31 percent for Democrats.

Latino permanent residents also favored the Democratic Party, 49-8, and foreign-born U.S. citizens chose the Democratic Party over the Republican Party by a 54-11 margin.

"This current snapshot shows that unauthorized Hispanic immigrants also lean more Democratic than Republican -- though to a lesser degree than Hispanic immigrants who are currently eligible to vote," Pew's analysis says. "And it's uncertain whether these unauthorized immigrants, many of whom are currently unaffiliated, would adopt similar political affiliations and voting patterns if given the chance to naturalize."

What do you think? Are lawmakers considering giving authorized status to a whole lot of Democrats-in-waiting?

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