Will the Anarchists and the Neo-Nazi NSM Go Toe-to-Toe on November 7 at the State Capitol?

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I'm hearing rumblings that local anarchists may show up to greet National Socialist Movement neo-Nazis on November 7, when the Hitler-wannabes show up for their shindig on the State Capitol lawn. Some anarchists have been telling me off-the-record that they plan an action of some sort to show NSM Commander Jeff Schoep that he and his boys are not welcome in Phoenix.

In addition, Arizona Indymedia has posted an announcement of an Antiracist Action at the Capitol for November 7 from 1 to 5 p.m., illustrated with a flyer of what looks like a SHARP skin smashing a swastika with a hammer.

There's also a different flyer floating around on local college campuses by some group calling itself the "Sakred Path Warrior Society." The handbill calls for an Anti-Nazi Bash on November 7 at the Capitol and features a pic of a Klansman flipping a sieg heil.

"Let's rain on their parade," reads the flyer. "Counter-protest their rally."

The notice further advises old folks and kids to avoid the scene "due to the violent nature of hate groups like this." The Sakred Warriors suggest protesters wear bandannas to hide their faces.

The bandannas would only seem necessary if these guys are planning to mix it up with the neo-Nazis, and want to remain anonymous. I would be surprised if such a real melee erupted. They should just ditch the bandannas, which kinda make them look like poseurs.

Still, I agree there should be some sort of counter-protest, some sort of response to the NSM's planned anti-immigration rally in Phoenix. When I was in college at Chapel Hill, N.C. the KKK would occasionally march down the main street of that small town. There weren't many of them, but the students always showed up in full force to verbally abuse them.

The same seems called for here. For instance, I think the anarchists did a good thing in showing up at a local diner to protest a July event featuring Holocaust denier David Irving. I know it ruined Irving's day, and it showed the management of that restaurant that folks were not happy with the neo-Nazi Nationalist Coalition using the place as its stomping grounds.

The community should respond, and signal that the NSM's racism is not cottoned to, particularly when we have plenty of hate groups here already, and prejudiced pols like state Senator Russell Pearce and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The white power punk party Oi Fest II takes place tomorrow in Tonopah, for instance, proving that we've got plenty of home-grown Nazis.

But a bunch of goofy ofays way out in Tonopah is one thing. Swastikas on the grounds of the Capitol are another, and require a vigorous, though peaceful, reply.

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