Will the Feds Ever Shut Down Arizona's Medical-Marijuana Dispensary Industry?

As our colleague Ray Stern pointed out yesterday, it was not even a year ago that Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk declared the feds would shut down every medical-marijuana dispensary in Arizona "as it opens."

Stern called bull on Polk's claims at the time, and as you can tell at this point -- since dispensaries are opening, and all -- Polk was wrong.

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Since the first dispensary, Arizona Organix, opened late last year, more than a dozen dispensaries have opened their doors for business -- none of which have been shut down by federal authorities.

It's long been the argument of Arizona's medical-marijuana foes that the federal government says it's illegal, so it's definitely a no-go (a funny argument, coming from those who cry "state's rights" on every other issue).

So far, there's been nothing from the feds. Last year, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Arizona issued a statement saying it would "follow Department of Justice policy on medical marijuana," which is that busting medical-marijuana patients "likely is not an efficient use of federal resources."

Do you think the feds will every shut down Arizona's medical-marijuana dispensaries?

Cast your vote below:

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