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Winner of Joe Arpaio's Inmate Coloring Contest Gets Free Meal Compliments of Sheriff; Goes With Grilled Stuffed Burrito From Taco Bell

By this time tomorrow, county jail inmate Michael Wunsch won't just be sitting in Joe Arpaio's Fourth Avenue Jail -- chances are he'll be shitting his brains out, too.

You see, Wunsch is the winner of the first ever Joe Arpaio Inmate Coloring Contest. The grand prize for such a prestigious honor/publicity stunt: a meal of Wunsch's choosing (supposedly) paid for by the sheriff himself.

So, on what will Wunsch be dining tomorrow? Twin lobster tails? A fillet? A nice cioppino?

Nope, nope, and nope -- Wunsch went with four soft tacos and a grilled stuffed burrito from Taco Bell.

Shocked that perhaps we overestimated the sophistication of the palate of a jail inmate, we went to MCSO Lieutenant Justin Griffin for further confirmation.

"That's what the inmate asked for," Griffin explains.

We'll have a chance to confirm that with the inmate himself -- we've been invited to attend the fast food feast in honor of Wunsch tomorrow morning.

Arpaio's coloring contest was organized to honor his favorite pooch, "Queen," who died during liver surgery earlier this month.

In addition to the Taco Bell, Wunsch will have his drawing of "Queen" hung in the MCSO's MASH Unit to honor the fallen hound.

In August alone, Arpaio's jailhouse antics have included an Elvis impersonator, cake, karaoke, a pink panty raid, and an inmate coloring contest to commemorate a dog -- sounds more like camp than incarceration.

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