Witches Support Jan Brewer's Policy Preventing DREAMers From Getting Driver's Licenses

Witches of the Tea Party showed up at Governor Jan Brewer's office this afternoon, supporting her executive order keeping DREAMers from getting Arizona driver's licenses.

So maybe they weren't actually witches, but they were activists from Citizens for a Better Arizona dressed as witches, sarcastically thanking Brewer for "turning the dreams into nightmares."

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Most states haven't barred driver's licenses for people who have received federal deferred action, due to being brought to this country illegally by their parents when they were young. Arizona, however, has.

Fast forward a few months from Brewer's decision, and there are witches performing some sort of black magic in the lobby of her office, summoning the "spirit of Russell Pearce" and the "Arpaio brew."

Despite the scene caused at the executive tower, there were actual DREAMers in attendance, who are actually being affected by Brewer's policy.

CBA field director Beto Soto pointed out that these young people can get driver's licenses from all of the states adjacent to Arizona, plus Mexico, "but not the state they lived in their whole lives."

Brewer wasn't around for the show, but the activists asked that the governor not to be a Tea Party witch (despite the fact many people already call her la bruja).

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