Woman Puts Glue on Fingertips to Avoid Being Identified by Border Agents

Super glue isn't just for dangling from things by your head anymore. Aside from being used as eye-drops -- as a Valley woman learned the hard way is a bad idea -- it's also being used to attempt to keep the man from finding out a person's true identity.

A Mexican woman trying to enter the United States was detained Tuesday after border agents found she had put glue on her fingertips in a feeble attempt to hide her fingerprints from agents.

The 37-year-old woman was stopped by border agents as she was applying for entry into the U.S. One of the agents noticed that she didn't look like the person pictured in the U.S. passport she presented to agents and took her aside for further questioning.

After questioning the woman, the agent tried to fingerprint her, and that's when he noticed he couldn't because her fingertips were covered in glue.

Agents got the glue off the woman's fingers and ran her prints. Turns out she's not the U.S. citizen pictured in the passport she gave agents, she's actually a Mexican national, who's also a convicted felon with what the Associated Press says is an extensive criminal past.

She was arrested, processed, and faces possible prosecution.

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