...that the police don't find you.
...that the police don't find you.

Woman Shot in Mesa; Suspect Found Swimming in Nearby Canal

A woman was shot in front of an apartment complex in Mesa last night, and one of the two suspects police say was involved was found swimming in a nearby canal shortly after.

About 8:30 last night, police got a call that there were shots fired in front of an apartment building at 265 North Gilbert Road in Mesa.

As officers were responding to the call, more calls came in reporting the shooting and saying that a woman was down on the sidewalk in front of the apartment.

Police got to the scene and found the unidentified 42-year-old victim on the sidewalk in front of the building shot multiple times. She was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The suspects, described as teenage Hispanic males, ran off after the shooting, but police set up a perimeter and located them both.

The first suspect was found trying to swim across a nearby canal. A backpack and a gun were found nearby.

The second suspect was discovered hiding in a fenced-off RV lot in the area.

Police say the suspects were trying to rob the woman.

The suspects were arrested and probably will be charged with robbery and aggravated assault with a weapon.

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