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Woman Sues Mesa Bar After Stripper Pole Breaks, and She Topples

A Mesa woman has filed suit in Maricopa County Superior Court accusing a local sports bar of violating city codes by not applying for a building permit for a stripper pole that she toppled from, cutting her ring finger.

ReAnna M. Hedrick, 28, claims in the October 16 suit that on September 3, 2008, she was at Famous Sam's Sports Bar in Mesa, now under a different name, for "Ladies Night" when she thought it would be a good idea to try her hand at the makeshift stripper pole set up in the bar.

As she was spinning and sliding, her suit says, the pole broke from its anchoring in the ceiling and Hedrick's showgirl moment was shattered.

As Hedrick and the pole came crashing down, her suit says, she grabbed for the top of the pole, which had a jagged edge that sliced the top of her ring finger.

Calls to Hedrick's lawyer, Lewis Moore III, were not immediately returned, but the bar owner was happy to give New Times his take on the situation.

David Moore calls the case "the definition of a frivolous lawsuit."

Moore, who admits he wasn't there when the incident happened, says the woman was at the bar for a few hours before she decided to take her partying to the pole. Moore says the pole wasn't supposed to be there: it was a gimmick used by a karaoke company.

Moore says the only news he's heard about the incident came from his insurance company, which he says is handling the lawsuit.

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