Would a Statewide Ban on Texting and Driving Really Be Necessary?

Yesterday, Arizona's representatives defended your freedom to shoot off a quick text or two with one hand, while you're controlling 4,000 pounds on the highway with the other.

Well, after they actually figured out what they were voting for.

The ban that would have been enacted under the passage of House Bill 2125 called for a citation of just $50 for sending or reading text messages while driving, but that went up to $200 if you got in an accident while doing so.

The bill came with other caveats, too, which would have made it even more unlikely that the average driver/texter would get caught by the po-lice.

The municipal ban in Phoenix, for example, has led to citations for people texting and driving approximately once in a blue moon.

Still, it's for the safety, the advocates say.

The Associated Press reports 35 other states have similar bans, but this is Arizona.

Do Arizonans really need a statewide ban on texting and driving?

Cast your vote below:

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