Would Arizona's Newest Proposal for Guns in Schools Ever Stop a Shooter?

Attorney General Tom Horne's suggested response to the Newtown, Connecticut massacre of schoolchildren has been proposed at the state Legislature.

Republican Representative David Stevens' House Bill 2656 allows a school's "principal or another designee" access to a gun on school grounds, in case of an emergency.

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The bill calls for "a school district or charter school employee who has been approved and designated by the school district governing board..." -- in other words, damn near anyone -- to have access to a gun that's kept on school property, locked away in the case of a gunman at the school.

Right off the bat, we can think of plenty of situations in which this would be an utter failure. For starters, as multiple -- somehow, multiple -- commenters mentioned, the person with the key to access the gun could be taking a huge dump while there's a shooting going on inside the school.

What if the lunch lady is the person with access to the gun, but people are getting shot up on the other side of the school? By the time someone informs her that there's a shooting, she drops the chicken nuggets, and runs to the other side of the school, it could be way too late.

Or, as our colleague Ray Stern suggested, there's someone who doesn't have access to the locked safe, but they're standing right next it, and could respond to the shooting nearly immediately. Too late.

The point is, could you imagine this bill ever, ever being heralded as the piece of legislation that stopped a mass shooting at an Arizona school, because someone got to the gun, and iced the shooter, before they killed anyone?

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