Would-Be Armored-Car Robber Shot in Groin During Getaway

As one of our colleagues pointed out yesterday, you should never bring a stun-gun to a real-gun fight -- or an armored-car robbery, for that matter.

Yesterday, we told you about an attempted armored-car robbery in Phoenix. It was reported that the suspect in the robbery was shot by the courier but that information had not been confirmed.

It's now been confirmed. Not only was he shot, he was shot in the groin, which instantly makes the whole story of a guy trying to rob an armed armored-car courier with a stun-gun more entertaining.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the unidentified suspect approached an armored-car courier walking out of a Walgreens near 51st Avenue and Baseline Road about 9:30 this morning.

He had a stun-gun and attempted to zap the courier as he made his way into the armored-car.

The courier, armed with a real gun, fired several shots at the man -- one of which ended up going through the window of a nearby car. It didn't hit anyone but it broke the glass, which cut the person in the car. Another bullet hit the suspect in the groin.

The suspect then ran to a small pickup truck and drove off. Police located the truck, found the suspect, and once they realized he'd been shot, they took him to the hospital, where he is currently recovering.

He will be charged once he's released, at which point authorities will release his identity.

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