Would the Real Susan Bitter-Smith Please Stand Up?

By John Dickerson

The smiling face of Susan Bitter-Smith is popping up on campaign signs across Tempe and Scottsdale. Only problem is that the campaign photo of Bitter-Smith doesn’t resemble other photos of her, critics say.

Bitter-Smith's campaign photo (top) doesn't resemble this 2006 photo (bottom) or other recent photos below.

Bitter-Smith, a Republican, is currently running against Republican David Schweikert and incumbent Democrat Harry Mitchell to represent the 5th Congressional District (Scottsdale and Tempe).

Judge for yourself. Photos of Bitter-Smith from 2006 and from 2008 look like a different person than the smiling, possibly airbrushed, sunbathed lady on Bitter-Smith’s campaign signs. If Bitter-Smith did undergo a Photoshop procedure, it wouldn't be the first time. Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer reportedly pulled a similar stunt on her campaign signs.

Bitter-Smith's two faces could also be taken metaphorically. At least that's what her opponents would likely say. Bitter-Smith is one of the only Arizona politicians in recent history to continue working as a lobbyist while she also runs for a seat in the house.

That’s right, you won’t find anything about it on her campaign Web site, but Bitter-Smith is still an active lobbyist for the Arizona-New Mexico Cable Communications Association, even as she pursues public office.

A recent Bitter-Smith photo (left) and the photo from Bitter-Smith's radio show, Arizona Almanac (right). Compared to Bitter-Smith's campaign photo (above-top), the images suggest she has undergone a makeover of some sort.

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