Writing on walls: Sick-ass PHX graffiti, as ill as it gets. Check the snaps.

First piece on the Grant Ave. side of Miranda's.

Let's hear it for serendipity. I was going stir-crazy Sunday, researching the cover story I'm working on now, so I took a ride to ease my nerves and just so happened upon one of the dopest legal walls I've ever seen in town. The graff pictured here is on a wall that rings Miranda's Custom Cars, at 706 S Central Ave., on Central and Grant. The graff starts on Grant, then wraps around the lot down First Ave. As you can see, this is some sick-ass shit, done by artists with serious skills. I called owner Luis Miranda on Monday, and he told me that the graff is fresh, done on a recent Saturday by a crew of about 20. He says he was approached by someone in the downtown arts comunity who set it up. Initially, the city wanted to buff it. You know, paint over it. But when Miranda told them he approved of the artwork, they let it stay.

For those fart-lovin' fogies out there who think all graffiti is blight, this artwork is certainly a hell of a lot more colorful and appealing to the eye than blank walls. Indeed, it reminded me -- on a smaller scale of course -- of LA's legendary Belmont Tunnel (which I hear has been torn down since I left El Lay). Kudos to Mr. Miranda, the artists, and, well, the city for the al fresco art gallery. Now get your asses down there people and appreciate. Below are some samples of what's up. We've got a killer Slide Show up on the graff as well, here.

Is that Jason? Fuckin' A...

Check out that alien. Detail below.

Reminds me of that Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon song "Aliens"...

Detail of penguin below.

Penguins rock.

I wanna get this one done in my study. Sweet.

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