Sergeant Slaughter
Sergeant Slaughter

WWE's Sergeant Slaughter Coming to the Valley as Honorary Race Official

The gruff ex-wrestler known throughout the world as Sergeant Slaughter will be gracing an event at the Phoenix International Raceway later this month.

Stock-car racing and professional wrestlers -- this just screams class.

On November 15, Slaughter will serve as the Honorary Race Official for the Checker O'Reilly Auto Parts 500.

"I plan to take my duties as Honorary Race Official as serious as I did service to my country," Sergeant Slaughter says in a statement. "I can't wait to jump in the pace car. I pledge to do my best to make sure that everyone attending the weekend of events has a great time at the beautiful Phoenix International Raceway."

The race is a joint venture between World Wrestling Entertainment and Phoenix International Raceway to promote the upcoming WrestleMania XXVI, to be held in Phoenix this March.


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