Yoda (aka, PHX's Pat Curley of Screw Loose Change) on Rob Breakenridge's The World Tonight

Give 'em hell, Yoda...

Just listened to the Yoda of 9/11, aka Pat Curley, on The World Tonight with Rob Breakenridge, an excellent radio talk-show out of Calgary. The subject, of course, is those wacky troofers, and Breakenridge and Curley get into some interesting areas during the hour-long segment. Of much note is this Zogby poll commissioned by the troofers themselves (specifically 911truth.org), which shows that only 4.6% of respondents buy the MIHOP conspiracy theory, wherein the government "Made It Happen on Purpose," with "it" being 9/11. This is the most popular theory within 9/11 troofer circles, making the poll even more damning. LIHOP, or, "Let It Happen On Purpose," scored about 26%, and the Official Story? Nearly 64%. Even with LIHOP, as Pat points out on the show, the number is soft because of how the question was posed.

This poll, along with the newly released al-Qaeda videos of Osama bin Laden, and Walid al-Shehri, one of the hijackers on American Airlines Flight 11, demonstrate further the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of 9/11 conspiracy gurus such as David Ray Griffin, who peddle their ludicrous theories for personal gain and the fluffing of their already engorged egos. Remember, according to troofers, Bin Laden either doesn't exist or is on the CIA payroll. And Al-Shehri? Conspiracy idgits like Kevin Barrett think the guy's sunning himself somewhere on a Moroccan beach. Dumbass Barrett even went looking for him, and, naturally, didn't find him.

Breakenridge is very sharp, and makes many good points on his own. For example, regarding WTC 7, he asks Pat, "The conspiracy theorists have dipped their toes in this and they back away from it, but there's no way to formulate a conspiracy theory involving WTC 7 without involving the FDNY, is there?" Very well put. Pat states that he believes WTC 7 to be the gateway drug to the rest of the conspiracy nonsense, in part because no one died in its collapse. But the implication by the conspiranuts that the FDNY may have been involved, along with the facts themselves, condemn it.

I've been burnt out on 9/11 stuff of late, and busy with other stories, but listening to Pat tonight has reinvigorated me, and also gladdened me, leaving me with the hope that these nutty 9/11 nincompoops may finally be seeing the darkness at the beginning of their own self-dug, dead-end tunnels.

For more coverage of the 9/11 nutbars, as always, check out Curley's Screw Loose Change.

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